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The Planning & Zoning Department for the Town of Wheatland is a shared office with Platte County (Click here for the Platte County Planning and Zoning Website). The Town of Wheatland Planning Department oversees development and land use on both private and public lands for the unincorporated areas of the Town, primarily through zoning and subdivision regulations.  The goal of the Planning Department is to promote land usage in a safe and effective manner; minimizing conflicting land uses in an economically viable fashion.

The Joint Planning Department is responsible for:

  • Administering land use regulations for the Town of Wheatland and the Platte County.
  • Coordinating the development review process for zoning changes, major and minor subdivision plats, annexations, special use permits, variances, lot modifications, plat modifications (right-of-way vacations, easement releases), site plan review and master plan document creations.

Providing staff support for the Planning and Zoning Board, the Board of Adjustments, the Town Council and the County Board of Commissioners.

Planning & Zoning Meetings:

The Town of Wheatland Planning & Zoning Commission is comprised of seven citizens from the community who are appointed to a three-year term by the Town Council. The Town Planning Commission meets the Thursday before the second Monday of every month at 7:00 PM in the Town Council Chambers (Click here for the 2017/2018 Town Planning and Zoning schedule for both meetings and application deadlines).

The Commission helps implement plans by making recommendations to the Town Council on long-range planning issues such as land use and transportation, as well as current issues regarding such matters as subdivisions, site plans, special use permits, variances and others that are planning and zoning related.

After the Planning Commission makes a recommendation on a request, the item may be scheduled for an upcoming Town Council meeting for final action.

Fee Schedule:

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** For the application process, please click here

Special Permit for Use of Property (SUP)
Vacation of Utility Easement
Vacation of Property
Subdivision + $10 per lot

Encroachment Variance
Boundary Line Adjustments   —   Boundary Line Adjustment Exemptions

Other Forms
Sign Permit
Flood Plain Development

Contact Information:

Joint County/Town Planner
Phone: 307-322-2962