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Mayor’s Page: August 2017

A lot has happened since I last updated my web page. I believe we have accomplished quite a bit for the city this past year.

  • The transfer station has been completed and is operational.
  • We have solved our uranium water problems and have added a new well to the town increasing our capacity. We are in the process of adding two more new wells to the system. One to replace our well #6 which went down last year, and one to add capacity to Black Mountain edition.
  • We have had several new Businesses to our town including two new banks, an auto parts store and a new restaurant in our downtown.
  • A new mid-income apartment complex has been added increasing our housing market.
  • We have completed the final phase of our electrical transmission upgrade and all areas of the town now have redundant power feeds in case of any emergency losses.
  • We have several citizen driven projects that are completed or in the works. First is the new columbarium in the cemetery which will allow those wishing to use cremation of their loved ones to be buried above ground. Second is the new dog park located in Deringer Park, and the last project is a new miniature golf park that will be built in City Park.

We also have several projects which are still underway. These include:

  • The airport project is nearing completion and we are looking at construction starting in the fall of 2018.
  • The new YO Road water line will start this year and be completed. This will add needed water pressure to the fair grounds and housing along Front Street.
  • We will be upgrading the electrical service to Black Mountain starting this year. A new main feed will be put into service.
  • 8th Street will see portions of its asphalt replaced and chip sealed.
  • We are planning on providing an alternate source of water to the Cemetery to avoid the problems that we had when our well failed.
  • We are planning on working on our lagoon system to patch holes in the liner of one of our ponds. A long-term fix to expand our capacity to hold waste water for future growth is also being developed.
  • I am in to process of setting up an employee pay and evaluation system to hopefully be implemented in 2018.
  • I will continue to work with the various organizations in our community such as Platte County Economic Development, Platte County Main Street, and the Platte County Chamber of Commerce to insure our community remains a place we can all enjoy calling home.
  • We are beginning to update our electrical and water meters to be remotely read.
  • Contracts are being written to line our north water tower on Cole Street.
  • We are beginning to update our zoning codes to meet our present and future needs. The first meeting will be held at Platte Valley Bank Conference room August 23rd at 6:00 PM.

There are also several projects that need to be done in near term. The following projects are in our 5-year plan pending funding.

  • Provide a system that will remotely read our water and electrical meters. This will provide more accurate and consistent water and electrical readings.
  • Our streets are deteriorating and a plan for chip sealing and resurfacing is in the process of being developed and implemented.
  • Continue to upgrade our water and sewer lines as needed.
  • Continue upgrading our electric grid in Black Mountain.
  • Implementing a recycling program.

As always, if you have questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call 322-2962.

Mayor Joe Fabian