Water / Waste Water

The Town of Wheatland Water/Waste Water Department employs personnel who are certified by the State of Wyoming D.E.Q. The main responsibility of this department lies with the insurance of clean and uncontaminated water to drink for the Town’s citizens. Additionally responsibilities include:

  • Installation and Maintenance of Water/Sewer/Drainage Systems
  • Maintenance and Records of Water Meters
  • Maintenance of Water Mains and Fire Hydrants
  • Continual Water Testing both Potable and Non-Potable Water
  • Maintenance of three (3) Above Ground Storage Systems (3,000,000 Gallons of Water)
  • Maintenance of two (2) Underground Water Storage Systems (100,000 Gallons of Water)
  • Maintenance of Wheatland’s Lagoon System and Holding Ponds
  • Maintenance of Eight (8) City Water Wells
  • Upkeep of Three (3) Booster Stations and Chlorination Systems

Please click here for current water rates

Please click here for current wastewater rates


Department Staff: 

Department Head                               Rick Keck
Operator                                               Kent Fuessley
Operator                                               John Zakowski
Operator                                               Bryan Kraft
Meter Reader/Float                           Jennifer Hattan