The Town of Wheatland operates four enterprises:


In order to secure secure services from the Town of Wheatland, residents must place a deposit for utilities on file at Town Hall.  Utility deposit rates for the Town of Wheatland are as follows:

Residential:                              $350.00
Residential (all electric):       $450.00
Commercial/Business:           $750.00

All accounts shall be due in full by the end of the 15th day of the month or there will be an assessed late fee of $10.00/account.  All properties that fail to pay their utility bill by the 25th day of the month will be subject to disconnection.  If services have been disconnected, your account will be assessed a $50.00 reconnect fee ($100.00 for commercial disconnects) along with all outstanding balances paid in full prior to services being restored (Ordinance 796).

Please see each individual page for specific rate information.