The Town of Wheatland has owned and operated the Cemetery since 1906.  The cemetery consists of 12 platted blocks with blocks 9 and 10 to still be developed.

Please find below the appropriate costs for burials and plots at the Wheatland Cemetery:


Cemetery Plots
Resident of Platte County $200.00
Non-Resident $400.00


Open and Close for Infant and Cremations
Monday – Friday $50.00
Saturdays and/or Holidays $100.00


Open and Close for All other burials
Monday – Friday $225.00
Saturdays and/or Holidays $350.00


Move to other Cemetery $250.00
Move within Cemetery $350.00
Infant 2 & younger to other Cemetery $100.00
Infant 2 & younger within Cemetery $200.00

(Wheatland Town Ordinance 621 & 617) 


Wheatland Cemetery Sexton:             Donny Lambert
Contact Information:
Phone: 307-322-2962

Email: clerk@townofwheatlandwy.org