Building Inspector

Image result for building inspectorThe position of building inspector performs full plan reviews, inspections for all project types and supports customer service activities from the time of submission of a project, to its completion. This position interacts with the public with a substantial emphasis on providing superior service to our residents.

International Building Code – [A] 104.2 Applications and Permits. The Building Official shall receive applications, review construction documents and issue permits for the erection, and alteration, demolition and moving of buildings and structures, inspect the premises for which such permits have been issued and enforce compliance with the provisions of the code.

Primary responsibilities

  • Determine compliance with all applicable ordinances, codes and regulations to ensure sound construction practices.
  • Prepares detailed plan review letters/correspondence to identify deficiencies or approvals.
  • Issue applicable Building Permits for construction projects within the Town of Wheatland City limits.
  • Conducts inspections and enforces the Town of Wheatland Development codes and zoning ordinances for residential, multi-family, commercial, and industrial property.
  • Keeps inspection records and prepares reports for permit tracking, permit review and inspection activities.
  • Makes independent decisions and exercises independent judgment in the absence of specific policies but within the limits defined.
  • Assess the conditions of homes and commercial buildings.
  • Report violations of building codes.

Building Inspector:

Fire Inspector

Electrical Inspector:
Travis Heimsoth, 322-2962